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Business & Technology

Business & Technology

FBLA Skills to Become an Effective Leader
   Planning and Decision Making
   Professional Appearance
   How to Become an FBLA Officer
CTAE Foundations - Level Two
   Work Ethics
   Time Management

Digital Technology and Business Productivity
   Digital Technology Tools
   Digital Applications for Business
   Using Technology to Conduct Business Effectively and Efficiently
Digital Design
   Intro to Digital Design
   Applying Basic Design Principles
   Creating Digital Portfolios
Digital Technology and Organizational Communication Skills
   Business Operations
   Organizational Communication
   Digital Technology and Organizational Communication
Customer Service and Business Communication Protocols
  Customer Service
  Business Communication and Etiquette
  Business Documents and Technology
  Job Search Techniques and Technology
Using Spreadsheet Software in a Business Environment
   Creating and Managing Workbooks and Worksheets
   Organizing, Entering, and Formatting Data
   Basic Spreadsheet Formulas and Functions
Advanced Spreadsheet Techniques
   Text Functions
   Logical Functions
   Visual Data Presentation

Using and Sharing Data
   Analyzing and Organizing Data
   Summarizing Complex Data
   Printing and Sharing Worksheet Data

Research Skills for Business
   Electronic Research Tools
   Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism
   Data Collection and Evaluation
Creating a Database and Tables
   Creating and Managing a Database
   Building Database Tables
   Utilizing Database Software in a Business Environment
Forms, Queries, and Reports
   Database Queries
   Database Forms
   Database Reports
Leadership Skills for Business Environment
   Leadership Traits and Qualities
   Leadership Skills Development
   Organization and Decision Making Skills