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Food Science

Food Science

CTAE Foundations Skills
   Foundation Skills Module Overview
   Problem Solving
   Work Ethics
   Professional Image and Behavior

Food Science and Careers
   Food Science and Careers Overview
   What is Food Science?
   The History and Development of Food Science
   The Future of Food Science
   Careers in Food Science

Development, Science and the Lab
   Development, Science and the Lab Overview
   The Role of Science in the Development of New Food
   The Scientific Method and Sensory Evaluation
   Safety in the Food Science Lab

Food Safety
   Food Safety Overview
   Food-borne Illnesses and Contamination
   Sanitation and Food Handling Processes
   Food Spoilage and Prevention
   Government and Protective Services

The Chemistry of Food
   The Chemistry of Food Overview
   The Atom
   Substances and Mixtures
   The Periodic Chart and Food
   Compounds and Food Chemistry

Energy in Food
   Energy in Food Overview
   The Changes in Food During Food Preparation and Preservation
   Conduction, Convection and Radiation
   Food Preservation Practices

Evaluating Food Science
   Evaluating Food Science Overview
   Food and our Sensory System
  Chemistry and the Techniques on Evaluating Food Quality
   Sensory Evaluations

The Basics of Water in Food
   The Basics of Water Overview
   The Basics of Water
   The Source of Water and Contaminates
   Water, pH, and Food Prep

The Importance of Carbohydrates
   The Importance of Carbohydrates Overview
   What are Carbohydrates?
   Simple Carbohydrates
   Complex Carbohydrates

Fats and Lipids
   Fats and Lipids Overview
   What are Lipids?
   The Functions of Fat
   Fats in our Diet

The Power of Proteins
   Proteins Overview
  The Power of Proteins
   Denaturing and Coagulating a Protein
   Cooking with Proteins

Vitamins, Minerals and Phytochemicals
   Vitamins, Minerals and Phytochemicals Overview
   The Importance of Vitamins
   Minerals and Their Role in the Body
   Amazing Phytochemicals
Fundamentals of Fermentation

 Fundamentals of Fermentation Overview
   The Process of Fermentation
   The Role of Probiotics
   Pickling and Fermentation

Food Additives and Preservatives
   Food Additives and Preservatives Overview
   The Importance of Food Additives
   The Process of Preservation
   Governing Additives and Preservative Techniques