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AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory

What is Music Theory? The Language of Music
  What is Music Theory: The Language of Music Module Overview
  Introduction to Sound Waves (Microlesson)
  Pitch Notation (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Notation (Microlesson)
Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment Activity)
  AP Exam Information and Preparation (Microlesson)

Major Scales
  Major Scales: Overview
  Half and Whole Steps (Microlesson)
  Chromatic Scales and Major Scales (Microlesson)
  Major Key Signatures and Circle of Fifths (Microlesson)
  Other Scales (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

Scale Degrees and Aural Skills
  Scale Degrees and Aural Skills- Module Overview
  Scale Degrees (Microlesson)
  Fixed Do and Moveable Do Systems (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

Minor Scales
  Minor Scales Module Overview
  Minor Scales (Microlesson)
  Parallel and Relative Minor Scales (Microlesson)
  Minor Key Signatures (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

Intervals and Chords
  Intervals and Chords Overview
  Major and Perfect Intervals (microlesson)
  Altered Intervals (microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

Diatonic Chords and Triad Inversions
  Diatonic Chords and Triad Inversions (Overview)
  Major Triads (Microlesson)
  Minor Triads (Microlesson)
  Diminished and Augmented Triads (Microlesson)
  First Inversion Triads (Microlesson)
  Second Inversion Triads (Microlesson)
  Diatonic Triads and Four-Part Voicing (Microlesson)
  Four Part Writing and Voice Leading (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

7th Chords
  7th Chords Overview
  Introduction to 7th Chords (Microlesson)
  7th Chords Inversions (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

Roman Numeral Analysis, Voice Leading, and Altered Chords
  Roman Numeral Analysis, Voice Leading and Altered Chords Overview
  Roman Numeral Analysis in Major Keys (Microlesson)
  Roman Numeral Analysis in Minor Keys (Microlesson)
  Roman Numeral Analysis and Figured Bass (Microlesson)
  Secondary Dominants and Secondary Leading Tones (Microlesson)
  Modulation (Microlesson)
  Non-Harmonic Tones (Microlesson)
  Neapolitan Sixth and Augmented Sixth Chords (Microlesson)
  Chord Progressions and Cadences (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)

Basic Composition and Score Analysis
  Basic Composition and Score Analysis Overview
  Musical Structure (Microlesson)
  Musical Form (Microlesson)
  Composition and Score Analysis (Microlesson)
  Instrumental Writing and Transposition (Microlesson)
  Rhythmic Dictation (Self-Assessment)