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AP Macroeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

Fundamentals of Economics
   Fundamentals of Economics Overview
   Scarcity and Opportunity Cost Microlesson
   Absolute and Comparative Advantage Microlesson
   Supply and Demand Microlesson
   Productivity Microlesson

Measuring Economic Performance
   Measuring Economic Performance Overview
   Business Cycles and Circular Flow Microlesson
   Gross Domestic Product Microlesson
   Inflation vs Real Microlesson
   Unemployment Microlesson
   Policies to Promote Economic Growth Microlesson

Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
   Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand Overview
   Aggregate Demand Microlesson
   The Spending Multiplier Microlesson
 Aggregate Supply Microlesson
   Short Run Equilibrium and Changes in AS/AD
   Long Run Aggregate Supply Microlesson    
LRAS and PPC Microlesson

Stabilization Policies
   Stabilization Policies Overview
   Fiscal Policy Microlesson
   Phillips Curve Microlesson
  Inflation, Taxes and Unemployment Microlesson
   Government Debts and Deficits Microlesson
   Crowding Out Microlesson

Financial Sector
   Financial Sector Overview
   Functions of Money Microlesson
   Banks and the Money Supply Microlesson
   Federal Reserve Microlesson
   Monetary Policy Microlesson

International Economics
   International Economics Overview
   Barriers to Trade Microlesson
   Balance of Payment Accounts Microlesson
   Foreign Exchange Market Microlesson
   Policies that Affect Exchange Rates Microlesson
   Net Exports and Capital Flows Microlesson

Review for the EOCT
   Review Lesson