About SLDS

The Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Grant Program of 2002, was designed to help state education agencies develop and implement longitudinal data systems. These systems are intended to enhance the ability of States to efficiently and accurately manage, analyze and use education data, including individual student records. The data systems developed with funds from these grants should:

  • Help States, Districts, Schools and teachers make data-driven decisions to improve student learning.
  • Facilitate research to increase student achievement and close achievement gaps.
Where Is It?

Educators can access the SLDS via a link in a school's Student Information System (SIS). Clicking on the link takes users to the SLDS page where they can view student meticulously collected longitudinal information that has the potential to increase student achievement.

When to Use It?

SLDS could and should be accessed every day! By simply choosing one student from a class roster each day and spending five minutes reviewing information about that student, teachers, counselors, and administrators have an opportunity to know all of their students more fully.

How to Use It

On-line support and training through Georgia Virtual Learning is available to assist teachers as they use SLDS. A series of concise interactive online modules take new users through the steps for making the best use of the powerful data SLDS brings to Georgia's citizens and educators.


Module 1 - SLDS Online Administrative Training

Module 2 - Accessing Enrollment Data

Module 3 - Attendance

Module 4 - Accessing Assessment Data

Module 5 - SLDS: The Teacher View

Module 6 - Ideas for Using Longitudinal Data


Module 1 - One Student A Day

Module 2 - Who Are My Students?

Module 3 - Who Are Each of My Classes?

Module 4 - Who Are Each of My Students?

Module 5 - Offering Help Before It Is Needed

Module 6 - Unit Planning

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Floyd County:
Pat Womack, Special Ed Director says: “SLDS is the best thing since sliced bread for Special Ed.”

Lumpkin County:
“I have heard nothing but praise from everyone about the SLDS project.”

McDuffie County:

“You have no idea how much time this [SLDS] will save me in tracking down student information … No more digging through system folders & finding scores.... This is truly AMAZING!”

Jenkins County:

“… our Superintendent and the principals have been [using SLDS] a lot. It is so awesome!! Our Special Ed director is so excited …!! She was getting ready to do a lot of things with her [special education students], this just made it a lot easier!!!!....”

Jackson County:
Miranda Storey, SIS Coordinator says, "SLDS is really a great program heading in the right direction. It is so exciting to see district leaders, school level leaders, and teachers get excited about SLDS! The program is so user friendly and is useful in many ways."

Ware County:
Peggy P. Stovall, Executive Director of Okefenokee RESA says "Thank you for all you do to support teachers, administrators, and students in Georgia...It is unbelievable how quickly you and your department have created the SLDS and the power it has as a tool for educators!"
Washington County Public Schools:
"I was working on an award application yesterday and needed test scores in various interpretations. I started sorting through dozens of Excel spreadsheets, by year, looking for what I needed and writing it down on a notepad. Then, the light bulb lit up!  It’s all in SLDS! It probably saved me eight hours of mind numbing tedium."

Calhoun City School District:
In response to the GTID Application being available via LDS Tunnel
"I have tried it and love it, [using SLDS] works so much faster...Thanks for all your hard work!"

East Laurens High School:
Glyenda Toler from Laurens County, East Laurens High School Math Coach says, "SLDS is awesome for the school community: the administrators, the teachers, and the students. Yesterday, we found two seniors (during a SLDS training) who are going to be able to graduate on time as indicated by records on SLDS. We have two smiling students in our halls today thanks to SLDS."

Bartow County Schools:
John Harper, Superintendent says, "In these times of state budget cuts and the layoffs we (superintendents) have had to make, it is tremendously refreshing to have this level of support.  I would suggest to Dr. Barge that this strategy of a state wide support program would help us out here reduce our costs and keep our community people employed."

Jenkins County School System:
Debbie Fountain, Curriculum Director says, "SLDS is an incredible tool with applications at the student, teacher, school, and district level.  Having our data so accessible allows us to focus more on improvement efforts rather than data collection and disaggregation. The responsiveness of the SLDS team to any of my questions or concerns has been unmatched.

Union County:
High School Economics Teacher, C.T. Hussion says, "G
oing back 4 years in the LDS enabled me to identify a pattern between cut off Lexile scores and meets and exceeds on the Economics EOCT for my students. I used this cutoff score, (along with current year Diagnostic Test data) to identify my students that were in danger of failing the Economics EOCT this year. We took extra measures of review and test taking strategies with these students in particular and ended up having over 98% meets and exceeds rate for our entire senior class this year! This is a GREAT tool that should be used by all educators."

Carroll County Schools:
Claudia Waldrop says, "SLDS is an addictive tool! The data makes student testing much more manageable and I absolutely adore the transcript data. We are all swamped at the beginning of the school year and exchanging student records is time consuming. I’ve found once a GTID number is claimed then scheduling a student in the proper courses is much less stressful with the data on my computer screen. An added bonus - no requesting fax records that I can hardly read!

Lowndes County:
Dewar Elementary School Principal, Robin Bennett says, "With the emphasis on Lexile levels on the CCRPI that will be used to judge schools, I do think it is important for the teachers to know where their students are and where they need to be going. Most of the teachers have had little training on exiles and we have to start becoming more familiar with them. We will need to use Lexile information as we decide what reading materials to use in our instruction. We also need to encourage our students to stretch their own reading choices. I feel that with AR we had limited the choices we allowed students to make and some had never had the chance to choose to read books at the Lexile level that is expected to be achieved at a particular grade level. This year we moved away from AR tests and let students choose books they were interested in reading. The teacher needed to know the Lexile ranges their students were choosing and they needed to encourage those students who were not choosing higher reading levels to add these to their reading. This worked out well for us. If a student continues to choose books at the lower end of the Lexile range, the teacher needs to do some scaffolding to help them through some more challenging materials. I also think teachers were searching for CRCT preliminary data and were checking regularly. Had we not had the SLDS training and some preliminary work, I don't think there would have been as much usage. The program was more familiar to the teachers so they were not hesitant to use it when CRCT scores were imminent."

Northwest Whitfield High School:
Susan Keelen, Math Teacher & Dance Team Coach, says, “I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the SLDS information that is available to teachers through Infinite Campus. I was in the meeting at Northwest High School this morning and it was all wonderful news to me because I usually spend a great deal of time at the beginning of the year trying to figure out my current students’ stats from previous years in math. Having the SLDS information through Infinite Campus will make that process much easier and it will also make it easier to add in students who get their schedules changed within the first couple weeks of school. It is refreshing to go to a meeting that shows us student focused AND teacher friendly materials that we can use to help our children.”