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Audio, Video Technology & Film

Audio, Video Technology & Film

We are excited to begin offering our shared resources in an updated format.  We will be providing a Canvas Public Course on the website.  This course will be available in the new format May 1, 2021.  If you have embedded links in a course you offer, links will need to be updated prior to May 31.  Questions can be sent to


Here is a sample of the Public Course Format. (Chrome is the preferred browser) 

Canvas Public Link:  Audio and Video Technology and Film


CTAE Foundations – Level 1
   Foundations Overview
   Communication in the Workplace
   Productivity and Organization
   Ready for Work
   Workplace Ethics and Character

Creating an Impact with Your Camera


   Creating an Impact with Your Camera Module Overview
   Getting to Know Your Camera
   Camera Movement, Angles, and Shots
   Equipment for Media Production




   Pre-Production Module Overview
   The Art Of Scripting
   Planning for Your Production
   The Crew

Lights! Camera! Action! - Production Stage



  Lights! Camera! Action! - Production Stage Module Overview
  On the Set
  Lighting Ambience
  Setting the Mood with Sound
  How to Get Into the Film Industry




   Post-Production Module Overview
   Ins and Outs of Post-Production
   Editing Techniques
   Making a Media Impact

Broadcasting News



   Broadcast News Module Overview
   Careers in Television Broadcasting
   Unraveling the Components of Broadcast News
   Behind the Scenes
   The Studio Tour

Art of Persuasion



   Art of Persuasion Module Overview
   The Psychology of Persuasion
   Just Buy It
   Raising Awareness
   Let’s Motivate

Express Yourself



   Express Yourself Module Overview
   Effective Storytelling
   The Documentary
   Stop Motion
   Let’s Sing and Dance

Skills USA



   Skills USA