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AP Literature & Composition

AP Literature & Composition

We are excited to begin offering our shared resources in an updated format.  We will be providing a Canvas Public Course on the website.  This course will be available in the new format May 1, 2021.  If you have embedded links in a course you offer, links will need to be updated prior to May 31.  Questions can be sent to


Here is a sample of the Public Course Format. (Chrome is the preferred browser) 

Canvas Public Course:  AP English Literature and Composition


Introduction to AP English Literature and Composition



What is Literary Merit?
Thee/Thou Poetry
Comedy and Tragedy: Renaissance and 18th Century Drama
Satire, Social Change, and Sentimentality: 18th-19th Century Fiction
Critical Lens for Reading Literature
Romanticism to Post-Modernism: 19th and 20th Century Poetry
The Alienated Individual: 20th Century Novels
Future Classics
Comparison of Poetic Works: AP Double Poetry Prompts
Preparing for the AP Exam