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AP Government Comparative

AP Government Comparative

We are excited to begin offering our shared resources in an updated format.  We will be providing a Canvas Public Course on the website.  This course will be available in the new format May 1, 2021.  If you have embedded links in a course you offer, links will need to be updated prior to May 31.  Questions can be sent to


Here is a sample of the Public Course Format. (Chrome is the preferred browser) 

Canvas Public Course:  AP Government Comparative

Concepts in AP Comparative Government

   Concepts in AP Comparative Government Module Overview
  Purpose and Methods of Comparison and Classification
   Concepts of State, Nation, Regime, and Government
   Public Policy and Economic Issues

Sovereignty, Authority, and Power 


  Sovereignty, Authority, and Power Module Overview
   Political Authority
   Sources of Power
   Legitimacy, Governance, and Power

Political Institutions 



   Political Institutions Module Overview
   Levels of Government
  Political Parties, Social Cleavages, & Special Interest Groups
   Coercive Institutions

Citizens, Society, and the State



   Citizens, Society, and the State Module Overview
   Political Socialization
  Citizens and the State
  Political Participation

Political and Economic Change 



  Political and Economic Change Module Overview
   Types of Political Change
   Types of Economic Change
   Globalization and Clash of Civilizations

Public Policy



   Public Policy Module Overview
   Economic and Social Welfare Policy
   Gender and Environmental Issues
  Factors Influencing Public Policy Making and Implementation