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MS LA 7th Grade

MS LA 7th Grade

Introduction to 7th Grade LA
Writing Process and Parts of An Essay

Introduction to Science Fiction and Fantasy
Science Fiction and Fantasy Unit- Grammar
Science Fiction and Fantasy Unit- Poetry
Science Fiction and Fantasy Unit- Short Stories
Science Fiction and Fantasy Unit- Writing

Burning Bridges Introduction
Burning Bridges Unit- Grammar
Burning Bridges Unit- Nonfiction
Burning Bridges Unit- Novel
Burning Bridges Unit- Poetry
Burning Bridges Unit- Writing

Introduction to 7th Grade LA- B Course
Writing Workshop

Individuality Unit Introduction
Individuality Unit- Grammar
Individuality Unit- Nonfiction
Individuality Unit- Novel
Individuality Unit- Poetry
Individuality Unit- Writing

Demonstrating Character Introduction
Demonstrating Character- Grammar
Demonstrating Character- Nonfiction
Demonstrating Character- Poetry
Demonstrating Character- Writing