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CTAE Foundations - Level 3
   CTAE Foundations - Level 3 Overview
   Problem Solving
   Work Ethics
   Professional Image and Behavior

Tomorrow's Leaders:  FBLA
   Tomorrow's Leaders:  FBLA
   Service Opportunities
   FBLA Competitions

Business Skills
   Business Skills Overview
   Critical Business Skills for the 21st Century
   The Communication Process
   Listening Skills
   Using Technology to Communicate

Legal and Ethical Issues in the Workplace
   Legal and Ethical Issues in the Workplace Overview
   Ethically Speaking
   Keep it Confidential
   Integrity Matters
  Consequences of Communication Violations
  Communication Legacy

Communicating Globally
  Communicating Globally Overview
  Intercultural Communications
  Gender Communication Styles
  Perception Matters
  Strategies for Group Communication
  Style Tips for Communicating Globally

Digital Communications
  Digital Communications Overview
  Mobile Technologies
  Workplace Productivity Tools
  Digital Collaboration
  Security Issues in Digital Communication

Economics in Entrepreneurship
  Economics in Entrepreneurship Overview
  Supply and Demand
  Economic Behavior
  Marginal Cost and Behavior
  Recognizing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  Impact of Business Activities

Management Styles

Business and Government
  Business and Government Overview
  Forms of Business Ownership
  Market Structures
  Households, Businesses, and Government in the Economy
  Identifying Location, Laws, and Costs

The Economics of Business
  The Economics of Business Overview
  Basic Economics
  Business Cycle and Economic Stability
  Predictive Analytics
  Importance of Entrepreneurship
  Business Models

Customers and Markets
   Customers and Markets Overview
  Marketing Segmentation
  Community Relations
  Market Share and Customer Relationships

Business Finance
  Business Finance Overview
  Finance Basics
  Record Keeping
  Taxes and Insurance

Business Operations
  Business Operations Overview
  Goals, Missions, Vision
  Logos, Slogans, and Online Presence
  Company Policies

The Business Plan
   The Business Plan Overview
   Planning Your Business