The two flagship online programs for the Georgia Department of Education are Georgia Virtual School and Georgia Credit Recovery established in 2005 and 2007. Georgia Virtual Learning has evolved to offer many more options and opportunities for public, private and home school students. Please see our ecosystem page for a description of each program. 

Georgia Virtual School provides a teacher-led virtual classroom environment. The program is fully accredited and operates in partnership with Georgia parents and schools to offer high school level courses across the state. Georgia Virtual offers a full high school curriculum with Advanced Placement®, college prep level courses, and a limited middle school curriculum. All Georgia Virtual courses are taught by Georgia certified, highly qualified teachers, and the courses are free of charge to all Georgia public school students who are taking the courses as a part of their state reported school day. This means that course start and end dates coincide with regular school semesters. A limited number of state funded seats are available to private and home school students in the state. Georgia Virtual also has a tuition program where students can take additional courses to further enhance their course of study or even to catch up if they have fallen behind.

To learn more, visit Georgia Virtual School.

Credit Recovery provides a flexible learning experience in a teacher-less environment. Courses are fully aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards and allow students to earn credit based on competency of the content standards. Credit Recovery extends students an opportunity to retake a course in which he/she was not previously successful.  The program is available to students enrolled in participating Georgia public or private high schools. 

Credit Recovery courses involve self-paced learning and consist of Flash/video presentations, review assignments, web-based learning activities, and unit assessments. All coursework can be completed at home or a student’s school base and requires limited assistance from a local school monitor or teacher. All courses include a final exam, and End Of Course Tests (EOCTs) for required courses must be administered by the school system upon course completion.

To learn more, visit Georgia Credit Recovery.

Georgia Virtual Learning's Ecosystem 

Georgia Virtual Learning is more than a course or offerings of courses. It is your headquarters for online education from the Georgia Department of Education. For more information on how all of these offereings work togethether, visit our Ecosystem page. If you already know which program you are looking for, click the logo below for more information.