What is GaTutor?

A new program called GaTutor will be available through Georgia Virtual beginning in Fall 2023. The GaTutor program is an initiative to help fill a learning loss gap for public school students in grades 9-12 to assure any loss during COVID is regained. GaTutor is free to public school students and will rely on the expertise, flexibility, and knowledge of the tutors, Georgia-certified teachers, across the core areas of instruction provided. Students will have the opportunity to schedule tutor sessions outside of the normal school day with tutors in the core content areas. 


Tutoring sessions will be available during the hours of 4 pm-10 pm M-F, 10 am-8 pm Saturday, and 1 pm-8 pm Sunday. Course offerings for tutoring sessions will be from select core content courses. 

GaTutor Course Offerings