Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the GaTutor program??

Participation is open to all Georgia public school students in grades 9-12 who are seeking free online tutoring services. 

K-8 tutoring through AmeriCorps Math and Reading Corps is available to targeted districts. These districts have been contacted by the Georgia Department of Education with additional information.

Who are the GaTutors??

All of our tutors are certified experts in their respective content areas, dedicated to engaging and supporting students in the online learning environment. They bring a unique passion for education and utilize a diverse range of resources to enhance the learning experience.

What is the purpose of the GaTutor program?

The primary purpose of our tutoring program is to assist students in recovering missed learning opportunities resulting from the pandemic, while also addressing gaps in their understanding of content areas. We are committed to providing targeted support that helps students bridge these learning gaps and achieve their academic goals.

When are tutoring sessions held?

Flexibility is key in our tutoring program. Students have the freedom to choose the dates and times for their tutoring sessions according to their individual schedules. We offer tutoring availability on weekday evenings, as well as Saturdays and Sundays, allowing students to book each session at their convenience, ensuring a seamless fit with their unique needs.

Where will tutoring sessions be held?

All tutoring sessions will occur within Zoom's secure online platform. To ensure safety and accountability, all sessions are recorded and securely saved. This approach allows us to maintain the quality of instruction and provide a valuable resource for both students and guardians.

How do students sign up for GaTutor?

Pre-registration is not required for eligibility in our program. Every student will find a dedicated link on their Georgia Connects Dashboard, enabling them to seamlessly schedule tutoring sessions. This user-friendly process ensures that students can access the support they need without any unnecessary administrative hurdles.

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