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New Microcourse on Digital Learning Days! 

Just in Time for Teachers: Digital Learning Days Course (click here) will introduce digital learning basics and will assist in planning for digital learning days.  As Georgia's trusted partner for innovative digital learning experiences, emphasizing skills to prepare students for success in the global world, this course will share critical best practices, tools and knowledge based on 15 years of virtual education experience at Georgia Virtual to assist educators who are planning for and transitioning to an online format to support digital learning days.

Georgia Virtual Shared Content


The access to this content is available to Georgia public schools by application only.  Click here for an application.

The eSource Content includes complete courses that are aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  These courses are divided into modules which are created using Softchalk Lesson Building software as well as Elucidat Lesson Building software.  The Softchalk packages can be downloaded and used in your Learning Management System or can be loaded onto a server and linked to directly.  Elucidat packages cannot be downloaded but you can access the link.

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