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What's the cost for participating in the PartnerUp program?

Participation in the PartnerUP program is free during the life of the GRE4T Initiative. The goal of this program is to create a cost-effective solution for districts, schools, and programs to have access to the technological tools, quality content/curriculum, and expertise both in the pedagogy of online/blended learning and the technical administration of the platforms.

What happens at the conclusion of the GRE4T Initiative?

At the conclusion of the GRE4T Initiative, schools will be provided with the opportunity to continue participating in the PartnerUP program. The purpose of this program is to establish increased capacity both for the faculty and support staff of our partners. The tools and resources are intended to offer solutions to address the need for virtual learning options and to fill the need for digital curriculum and capabilities. The relationship with Georgia Virtual will remain a cost effective and meaningful partnership.

What services are included in the PartnerUp program?

Schools who participate in the PartnerUP program will receive access to Canvas learning management system for their teachers and students, technology support for rostering through district student information systems, district branding within the LMS including school logo and colors to represent district driven instruction, and access to all GaVirtual school course content for grades 6-12. This includes 127 GSE based courses that are ready made for teaching and basic authoring tools for elementary teachers to create their own virtual resources. Schools will also receive personalized professional learning designed to train teachers in online and blended learning, and support, collaboration and resources from GaVirtual instructional coaches and the Digital Learning Collaborative. All provided at no cost to participating schools.

How soon before the semester should teachers begin training?

District teachers are encouraged to begin training at least one semester prior to teaching students in the online setting, however, training dates are self-paced flexible according to district/school needs.

What type of initial training is recommended for PartnerUP school and how long does online teacher training take?

  • PartnerUP schools who are most successful in our program complete the Growing with Canvas Course, an online professional development course designed to help teachers learn to use Canvas learning management system effectively in blended and online learning environments. This self-paced course is estimated to take 3-5 hours to complete.
  • Teachers are also encouraged to complete a FERPA Training course (1hour) and the first of the Georgia Virtual Professional Learning series of Effective Online Teaching, Professional Responsibilities (3 hours).
  • Following teachers’ initial semester of teaching in the PartnerUP program, they are encouraged to extend their professional learning through our extensive catalog of self-paced, online courses. View the offerings afforded to PartnerUP districts in our professional learning catalog to learn more.

Is the student learning content and curriculum provided?

Georgia Virtual School developed curriculum is provided for 127 GSE-aligned courses containing learning content, interactives, resources, formative and summative assessments, assignments, and discussions for grades 6-12. Elementary teachers will be provided with a grade-level aligned resource template course and training in basic authoring tools for creating their own virtual content and resources within the Canvas learning management system.

What online models are supported in this program?

The PartnerUP program supports a variety of delivery models according to each school’s online learning needs. Among the many options of online deliver models, schools may consider: 

  • Providing blended content to supplement face-to-face instruction at your school
  • Offering fully online courses for students to extend learning beyond their brick-and-mortar schedule
  • Launch an online academy or program to facilitate a hybrid or full-time online learning model for your district or school
  • Prepare for emergency or elective digital learning days
  • Hybridize instruction to address the technology needs of your students offering blended face-to-face instruction while integrating remote, online learning days into their schedule
  • The opportunities for program specific delivery models in this program are endless!

What commitment is required of districts who participate?

PartnerUP schools should anticipate having an active relationship with the PartnerUP support staff and trainers. Schools who maintain consistent and effective communication with our team at Georgia Virtual Learning and who are resolute in promoting teacher training are most successful with our program.

GaVL PD Catalog


Schools who participate in the PartnerUp program will receive free access to all courses in the Georgia Virtual Professional Learning course catalog. Receive personalized professional development designed to train teachers in online and blended learning. Access the link below to learn more.



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