About PartnerUp

In 2020, the Georgia Department of Education received a multiyear grant focusing on personalized learning, and extending digital learning platforms, technology assistance, and teacher training to Georgia districts. As a part of this initiative, Georgia Virtual is leveraging their expertise in online teaching and technical knowledge to assist partner schools and districts in offering consistent quality in the online and blended learning provided to their students.   

GaVS vs PartnerUP

Georgia Virtual School (GaVS), a program of the GA Dept. of Education, is a supplementary, accredited, fully online organization that has partnered with Georgia public Schools over the last 15+ years. GaVS trains and hires their own teachers who utilize GaVS created content aligned to Georgia standards using the Canvas Learning Management System platform. GaVS instructors teach students from many different districts who are enrolled on an individual basis and approved by their schools.

ParnterUP leverages the content and Canvas Learning management system with District Teachers and their students. In PartnerUp you will receive support for your specific needs including teacher and administration training, technical support, and collaboration among participating schools.

GaVL PD Catalog


Schools who participate in the PartnerUp program will receive free access to all courses in the Georgia Virtual Professional Learning course catalog. Receive personalized professional development designed to train teachers in online and blended learning. Access the link below to learn more.



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For more information, please fill out the information request form. Interested districts will receive the follow-up correspondance form the ParnerUP team within 2 days of submitting.

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